Canadian Dual High School Diploma

Combine your in-person experience in Canada with online credits and obtain your official Canadian High School diploma.
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The Program

Canadian Dual High School consists of three programs that will provide students with linguistic, academic, and personal development advantages.

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Prestige and Quality Guarantee

The Canadian education system is one of the most recognized and highly regarded in the world due to its practical content orientation and clear focus on the professional world.

OSSD Diploma
What does the Canadian Dual High School Diploma program entail?

Obtain a Canadian high school diploma through the validation of official credits.

Red Leaf Group and Ontario eSchool (license 882694) have jointly designed an online academic credit program called EdualiaⓇ with the objective of helping international students to obtain a double diploma, one being from their country of origin, and the second being a Canadian, Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). This latter diploma is recognized globally for its demanding and quality level of education.

This final diploma is internationally recognized for its high level of rigor and quality in education.

We have designed three different types of programs based on the needs of each student. Two of these programs culminate in obtaining an official Canadian high school diploma, while the third one helps the student improve their language skills through the completion of individual courses with highly academically valued Canadian credits.

Edualia's Testimonials

Program Benefits

The four programs give the student a series of tools which will enrich their education based on four key elements:

  • Significant improvement in their level of English.
  • Development of technological abilities.
  • Personal development in knowledge and competence.
  • Obtention of a Canadian high school diploma (only for 4 and 6 credit programs).

Available Programs

High School Diploma for Canadian university purposes (6 credits).

For those students who wish to study in a Canadian university.

This program is composed entirely of grade-12 (final year of high school) credits, and it prepares students with the pre-requisites required for Canadian university studies. By completing these credits, students obtain a high level of academic preparation which allows them to apply for university as if they were Canadian students.

Since students will be obtaining a high school diploma from Ontario, Canada, they will apply for University through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC), just like a Canadian high-school student. As a result, these students will have access to scholarships and bursaries available only to Canadian students. Furthermore, they will not have to compete with other international students for limited university space, as they can be accepted into spots reserved for Canadian students.

Canadian High School Diploma (Ontario Secondary School Diploma, OSSD) with 4 credits.

The 4-credit program allows the student to earn a Canadian high school diploma; however, unlike the 6-credit program, some universities may require additional credits for direct access.

This option combines courses from grades 11 and 12, and is designed for students who wish to continue their studies at international universities or who wish to have an official accreditation for their personal, academic or professional resume.

Canadian High School General Interest Courses

Designed for mainly personal objectives, such as improving English level, improving knowledge in a particular area, acquiring technical skills or for academic interest.

General interest credits do not lead to the obtention of a high school diploma.

Edualia Preparatory Courses

Edualia preparatory courses (such as "Foundations for Success") are designed for students in Grade 8, 9 and 10 who are planning to enter the Edualia Dual Diploma Program. These courses prepare students to succeed during their studies by teaching them skills like time management, platform usage and English writing.

available programs

Areas of Study

6 Credit Program

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Arts, Communication & Media

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Business, Marketing & Technology

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Natural Resources & Agricultural Science

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Human Services

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Health Sciences

4 Credit Program

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Social Sciences

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Natural Sciences

Cursos de inglés inmersivos


General-Interest Credits

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

University preparation

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

English Writing

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

Healthy Living

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

International Business

Preparatory Courses

Cursos de inglés inmersivos

University preparation

Why only 4 or 6 credits?

The Canadian high school diploma is emitted following the guidelines of the province of Ontario. Canadian students need 30 credits to obtain their diploma. Edualia and our academic partners are authorized to transfer 26 credits from international institutions. The remaining credits must be completed by the student in an official capacity, online with the support of Canadian teachers.


How Does It Work

The student, using an online platform, completes assignments. These assignments are evaluated by Canadian teachers such that the student, at any time, can see results and areas requiring improvement.

During their studies, the student receives live contact and guidance from Canadian teachers. The live instruction is completed using video conferences.

Canadian Teachers

The Canadian teacher plays a fundamental role in creating an integrated program. The following interactive activities will occur monthly throughout the program:

  • Lecture sessions. Led by a Canadian teacher covering contents related to the material being studied.
  • Discussion groups. For small groups of students, led by a moderator covering themes related to Canadian society, news, literature, cinema, etc.
  • Guidance. During these sessions, the student will receive personalized tutoring and support, covering areas requiring improvement, reinforcement, feedback and setting of academic goals and pathways.
  • Office hours. Two afternoons per week, three hours each afternoon, students will have access to their Canadian teacher who will be available to resolve any issues related to their course or program of study.
Canadian Teachers

Canadian teachers are an essential component of successful education as they encourage:

  • Improvement of oral communication and fluency through discussion and production.
  • Reinforcement of academic instruction through tutoring sessions.
  • Knowledge of Canadian society and culture.
  • Help and guidance for students through regular contact and conversion.
  • Personalization of the program, through constant follow-up by teachers and guidance staff.

Program Length

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6 credits

Students will begin this program in the summer before grade 11, and finish by the end of their grade-12 year.

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4 credits

Students will begin this program at the start of grade 11, and finish by the end of their grade-12 year. One credit per semester.

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General Interest Credits

Students can complete these credits during grades 10, 11 and 12.

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Preparatory Courses

Students can complete these credits during grades 8, 9 and 10.

Main Benefits of the Program

  • Flexibility. A variety of options depending on the needs of each student.
  • Canadian curriculum consistently ranked at or near the top of global education studies.
  • Transfer of already-completed credits, allowing the student to obtain a second diploma in their home country, without travel or residence costs, and with comparatively few course hours.
  • Completion of PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition) accreditation, which is a formal recognition of knowledge and skills obtained outside of the Canadian secondary school.
  • OUAC account for students who will be applying to Canadian universities upon completion of the 6-credit program:
    Access to university spaces set aside for Canadian students, as opposed to applying for the more limited international spaces.
    Access to scholarships and bursaries created for Canadian students.
  • Live interaction with your Canadian teacher, once per month, via video-conference:
    - Lecture Sessions.
    - Debate groups
    - Guidance.
  • Office hours. Access to your qualified Canadian teacher, two afternoons per week, three hours per afternoon
available programs


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Strong academic record

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English level B1

(Common European Framework of Reference, “Independent User”) for 4-credit and 6-credit programs.

English level A2

(Common European Framework of Reference, “Basic User”) for general interest credits.

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Motivation and a positive attitude


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